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Car Hauler

In order to rent our car hauler please provide both your Drivers License and Vehicle Insurance. Your Insurance provider must include damage and liability coverage that extends to the commercially rented trailer. If it does not cover, we can provide a supplemental rider on our insurance for an additional $15 per day. All renters must be 25 years of age or older.

All rentals require a signed contract on site when you pick up the rental trailer.

Rentals are fully charged via square credit card reader at the beginning of the rental period. An additional $200 refundable damage deposit is also charged but refunded at the return of the trailer on time and with no damages to the rental trailer. Late fees will be deducted hourly from the deposit at $25 an hour and the renter agrees for additional charges to the credit card for any damages to the trailer or late fees that exceed the damage deposit.

Before renting any pre-existing issues will be pointed out to the renter so as not to create a charge on the return of the trailer. When the trailer is returned please indicate any issues you experienced. An onsite walkthrough will be done for any underlying damages after the conclusion of the rental. It is important to mention any issues that occurred while the trailer was in use by the renter and to discuss what is and is not covered under the signed contract.

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Dump Trailer

Dump Trailer usage is offered for select projects such as removal of construction, debris, roofing and junk. Weight is highly considered when renting a dump trailer. Be ready to discuss your removal needs and we can arrange for a trailer to be dropped off at your location.

Absolutely no hazardous materials! Additional charges will apply for un-expectantly heavy loads and difficult to dispose of materials.

Renters are not allowed to move the trailer once it is on site. This is due to size, weight and visibility issues with the trailer. We will work with you to place the trailer on site in order to maximize its loading. In order to prevent theft, the trailer will be locked and tracked while on site.

Tally Trailers is not responsible for any damage to the grounds while drop off, loading or pick up is occurring.

The renter and location should provide plenty of room for delivery, loading and pick up as maneuverability needs to be taken into consideration.

Dumping of trailer is dependent on the hours of the drop site and might effect the rental drop off and pick up, though traditional daily operating hours are typical.

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